Welcome To Our Sports

In this world, there are many ways to exercise. Some are actual sports; others are specific types of exercise all will make you sweat, somehow. Here in Emirates Bowling Village We offer some sport activities that a family will enjoy even the individual.

If you're looking to get back into sport or just to try something for the first time, we have some fantastic sport activities for you!


  1. Billard
  2. Bowling
  3. Play Station
  4. Football
  5. Basketball
  6. Table Tennis
  7. Volley Ball
  8. Badminton

Emirates Bowling Village believes in sports great value in life. Sports has a several advantages and benefits for both adults and children.

Keep healthy and fit by offering a change from the monotony of daily life. Help in character building by giving energy and strength. Improve blood circulation. Learn to maintain mental balance in the midst of hopes and despair. Give a power to tackle the difficult situation. Develop a sense of friendliness by develop the team spirit . Improve the capability and efficiency. Get rid of mental exhaustion, tiredness and lethargy

Help in their physical and mental growth. Contribute in the formation of character. Inculcate in them good values. Build up their creative contributions and self-discipline. Build confidence and have fun.