Sunday to Wednesday (Morning Promo before 5PM)
15 AED (Per Game, per person)
125 AED (Per Lane, per hour)

Sunday to Wednesday (After 5 PM)
20 AED (Per Game, per person)
125 AED (Per Lane, per hour)



Thursday to Saturday (Whole day)
20 AED (Per Game, per person)
125 AED (Per Lane, per hour

BOOKING FORM Fill the Details to Book a Lane.


Socks are available at AED 5 NOTING THAT WEARING SOCKS IS a MUST.

Sports/Casual dress is a must for safety reasons.

Changing bowling shoes before going to the rest room is a must for safety reasons.

Always wear bowling shoes. Street shoes will ruin the approaches and equipment.

Keep nasty language and outbursts in your head. Nobody wants to hear it.

Keep any food or drinks away from the lanes. Spilling anything can damage the equipment and also be dangerous for others.

Food from outside is not allowed.

Strictly Smoking is not allowed inside the center

Guess must be responsible for their children's safety while inside the bowling center.

Avoid use of obscenities, vulgar, rude or unwanted behaviors. You will be warned and then asked to leave if you indulge in such activities.
Dress appropriately. 

Avoid risk of injury by knowing your own limits. Bowling is a physical sport requiring coordination, strength and stamina. Use an appropriate weight ball,
Persons suffering from back, wrist, ankle, knee pain or other physical ailments are at risk of further injury by bowling and assume such risk knowingly.
Pregnant women, especially those in the mid or third trimester should consult with a medical doctor before bowling.

A Bowling game with extra flavor! Swing the sound in the dancehall, launch your bowling ball and kick out the 10 pin.

EBV Disco Bowling start at 7pm in the evening onwards every Friday.

Disco bowling isn't it amazing? Call your friends and enjoy your night with us, See you folks!