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Emirates Bowling Village was launched in 2006 as a top bowling alley in Abu Dhabi.

Offering guests of all ages the choice to enjoy many entertainment attractions in a safe and fun environment.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and our goal is to exceed expectations on every visit. Compete with friends, shoot for the perfect game, or take advantage of our Mad Games, unique games within our scoring system like Bowlin' Hood and Battle on the Lanes.


Frequently Asked Questions (with answers!)
How much does a Emirates BOWLING party cost?
We need 100 of your favourite Dhiram as a booking deposit - it's the only way to keep Meryl from accounts happy. Then, we need the final balance four business days before your party, based on your final number of guests.
Can I / we bring my own food?
Nope, sorry. It's not you, it's us: our food options are just way too yummy, so you have to experience it! One exception: If you need special munchies to cater for food allergies, just give us a heads' up
What is the minimum age for Laser Tag?
For safety reasons, the minimum age for children in our laser arenas is six years old. A party for a child turning five years old cannot be for Laser Tag. We recommend Emirates BOWLING parties for kids aged 5 and above to deliver the best experience for the children. 
How long is an average event?
Events are typically 2-2.5 hours long. That allows plenty of time for arrivals, getting shoes and set up on the lane and of course eating and drinking . If you have a large guest count or would like to host a tournament style event, we suggest hosting a 3 hour event. However, if a 1 game package has been chosen the event will take 1-1.5 hours
Can I book for an adults and kids package together?
Of course. If you are expecting a mix of adults and children at your event it makes perfect sense that everyone can be included in the fun. Please speak with your Events Specialist to discuss the best options available for your group.
Can Emirates BOWLING organise party invitations?
Well, duh! We have a nifty party invitation generator here - get creative! You'll be emailed a link to it to send to guests, or you can phone us at 02-681 1185 to have your invitations posted to you. Another option: head into your selected Emirates BOWLING to pick some up!
Do we have to pay a deposit and how much is it?
A deposit equal to 50% of the estimated amount due to ZONE BOWLING in respect of the event must be paid at the time that the event confirmation is returned
What if I need to cancel my event date?
If the event is cancelled by notice in writing received by Emirates BOWLING:
  • More than twenty-eight (28) days prior to the proposed event date, the deposit will be refunded in full;
  • Within five (5) to twenty-eight (28) days prior to the proposed event date, the deposit will be forfeited to Emirates BOWLING; or
  • Within zero (0) to four (4) days prior to the proposed event date, the deposit will be forfeited in full and the client will be liable to pay the balance of the estimated value of the event to Emirates BOWLING. Please note: Due to business demands we do not allow events to be postponed once deposit has been paid.
When is final payment due?
At least five (5) working days prior to the date of the event, the client must pay the balance of the amount due to ZONE BOWLING in respect of the event. The amount of the final payment will be the greater of:
  • The amount calculated with reference to the final numbers notified to ZONE BOWLING; and
  • The minimum spend (if any) identified in the event details section of this event confirmation, less the deposit paid by the client.
What happens if we damage Emirates BOWLING property?
Loss or damage caused by the company or group, including its guests and contractors, to any part of the bowling centre or its equipment will be the responsibility of the company or group.
Does Emirates BOWLING provide the supervision of children?
Centre management will take all reasonable care but will not accept responsibility for the supervision and well being of a minor.

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